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Between Hell And Heaven

CD-Cover von between hell and heaveninterpreter: Iris Ann Barclay

title: Between Hell And Heaven

label: Beyond The Blue Horizon

style: Rock-Pop

tracks: 5

published: august 2004

EAN-Nr.: 4 260070 450020


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CD description:
Iris Ann Barclay has succeeded in combining the best of three musical genres on her notable debut CD “Between Hell and Heaven”: Her songs have the power of rock, the melodiousness of ballads, and the accessability of pop.
The tracks on this CD are supported partly by classical and partly by electronic instrumentation which create a wide variety of textures without relying on common, modern, gimmickery production techniques.
The ballad-pop guitar riffs, for example, have just the right combination of neither too hard nor too soft.
Iris Ann Barclays powerful, expressive voice is the principal reason, though, for the albumīs strong first impression. Iris Ann Barclay creates intense moods which range between the mundane everyday and dreamy flights of fancy.


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Burning Ice
Melodious rock-pop-song
you canīt get out of your head
audio test: 0:40, original length: 4:12


Nothing holds me anymore
Expressive song with rock-refrain
audio test: 0:37, original length: 3:56


Serious Man
Powerful almost hymn-like pop-rock
audio test: 0:35, original length: 3:38


Rain falls down
Driving and elating pop-song
audio test: 0:36, original length: 2:53


Heaven's Sign
Dreamy, highly rhythmic Melodious rock-ballad
audio test: 0:40, original length: 4:53


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