Iris Ann Barclay  

Iris Ann Barclay

About me


Here I have collected some Dates and Facts about me.



Iris Ann Barclay

born on:

january 14. 1963

zodiac sign:


body height:

1.62 meters


53 kg

hair color:

medium blonde

eye color:





one son, Kevin Aron, born in 1993


music, animals and nature, science fiction, reading, discussion, astrology

my favorite...

roast pork with dumplings accompanied with a pils (beer).


mineral water, juice


Cats, actually all animals








Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, Helmut Lotti, Tina Turner, Peter Hofmann, Robbie Williams, Anastacia

Suspiction Minds and many others more


from the authors Dr. Joseph Murphy and Erich von Däniken

Marathon Man (Dustin Hoffman)

...TV series:

Enterprise (star trek - the original)


Loriot/ Evelyn Hamann



my philosophy:

Do as you would be done by.

livelong dream:

That human beings are consistent with animals and nature, and our world will remain safe


from my life:

As a child, I already begun entertaining those around me with my songs. Early influences were Elvis Presley, Tom Jones and Barbara Streisand. Later I developed an interest in classical music. Blues and soul are also favourites.
Despite several early successful performances, I interrupted my career and spent over 10 years abroad.

After my returm to Germany in 2001 I engaged myself intensively with music again, including projects with the internationally known lyricist Naomi Dayani from South Africa, and with the Cologne composer and film producer Henning Karlow.
In addition I performed with the world famous musician Dieter Serfas.

Fortunately, I found a team of musicians, composer, producer and text writer in my new home in Hof in North Bavaria. Together we have recorded new songs.



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